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2 Weeks before Race:  $25

Last week before Race:  $30 

No Race Day Registration.


Registration Questions

  • What Does Registration Include?

    Registering with our race is your access to our fun run. No bib necessary, you'll get access to TheMOV Fitness Network + 1 Race Day Registration.

    Keep in mind these are small fun runs designed to motivate you to stay in shape and enjoy the scenery of the outdoors.
  • Where is Packet Pickup?

    We have no packet pickup necessary. Your registration gives you access to plenty of tools online and we have your information stored digitally.

    Once registered, check out OpenVase to see your goodie bag designed just for you.
  • How Can I Volunteer?

    We love having volunteers! When signing up, click on the "volunteer" area when asked why you are signing up. Make sure to fill out your profile to completeness so our staff knows who they are talking to when they respond to you.
  • Where does my money go?

    Your money is split up into 4 different areas when registering with us.

    #1: MOVDance takes in the majority of your funds. During 2010-Present we have bought film equipment, designed dance DVDs and websites to help our students learn. We will use future funds to further develop this website and expand the teaching to low-income children around the world.

    #2: Airikai receives another strong portion of the funds. We use the same film equipment and resources to design fitness DVDs and tutorials for athletes. We then provide these for free back to the running community. Go ahead and check it out and you'll see tons of videos and resources to help your athletic journey.

    #3: Our race directors and volunteers actually get paid to help out and funds are distributed for the cost of the race.

    #4: TheMOV Website takes quite a bit of upkeep to have a virtual life coaching network. We've already built quite a strong foundation here and plan on making things even more mobile friendly and provide more resources in the future. So make use of your profile with us and learn from all we've built!